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Reliability and speed of response to every customer need are our strengths.

Sharing as a managerial style, motivation as a driver for resource management and their motivation are the weapons that UNUS International uses to structure itself in order to achieve a business system governed by customer-centric processes.


Made in Venice that reaches all over the world

Unus was founded in 1950 in Padua for the production of bicycle bells; renamed Unus International SpA, in 1986 it began the design and production of D.C. electric motors for the automotive industry. Today, with offices and production plant on an area of about 10,000 square meters in the province of Venice, it employs over 50 people and produces more than 2 million units per year, which are almost entirely exported around the world.
Unus International pay attention to the environment and actively contributes to its protection. Since 2010, two plants have been in operation for the production of electricity from renewable photovoltaic sources that allow the Company to greatly reduce the need for electricity purchased from the distribution network.
Thanks to the reliability of its products, Unus International has consolidated and strategic industrial relationships at an international level, by virtue of which it is a sub-supplier of the most important car manufacturers in the premium and luxury sector, including the Audi, VW, BMW, Mercedes, Bentley, Lexus and Ford brands. In addition to the aforementioned premium and luxury segments, Unus International also equips industrial vehicles of the Renault, DAF and Daimler groups. In the civil and industrial field, it provides solutions in multiple sectors – wherever there is a need to motorise!


Our Mission
and Vision


Meet any automation needs of our interlocutors with the most effective solutions for the electric motorisation of handling systems.
 The mission we have set ourselves is to support our interlocutors by developing solutions that meet their real needs in the name of maximum effectiveness. We make sure that the customer can fully rely on us to find the most reliable and advanced answer in the field of DC electrification.


Represent the utmost reliability in responding to any need for electrical handling of automation systems: this is Unus’s vision.
 The vision contains the reason why our organisation was created, it is our dream and our driving force. We want to be a best practice in all sectors of automation, we want to be recognised by the market as a reference company for the solution of any need for electric motorisation of automation systems.



Our process

For us, our method is a fundamental asset for the growth and development of a project. Following it faithfully helps us to create solutions that go beyond expectations.


Analysis of the request

For Unus, the consulting approach is a guarantee of results: we always start from understanding and analysing the needs of our interlocutors, because each of our projects is tailor-made.

Our added value is the ability to identify specific needs and transform them into a design that fits perfectly with the context of use.

Estimation and timing

Detailed planning of all development phases is essential for the start of all activities.
Once the scenario is framed, we are able to define the costs that determine the sustainability and feasibility of the project for the customer. Defining them accurately and complying with them is our commitment.

Design and prototyping

The design and prototyping phase is at the heart of the Unus implementation process. Thanks to our technologies and know-how, we are able to overcome the challenges represented by the needs of our stakeholders.
The design takes place with the help of the most modern calculation, verification and simulation tools, providing for FMEA analysis and reviews in which both customers and suppliers are involved.
Functional prototypes can be made in a short time, using 3D printers and CNC machining.

Testing and production phase

All new products are subjected to validation tests by our laboratory, able to perform the various tests required by the customer's specifications.
Similarly with regard to the production process, tested and validated with the production of small pre-series. Only at the end of the two phases above with positive results can the start of series production take place. Process optimisation, quality verification and respect for timelines are the key factors.
OF automation.

70 years of
continuous growth

Since 1950, Unus has been present in the market to support companies with competence, innovation and reliability: starting from these values, we have managed over the years to grow together with our customers, creating a solid and established industrial reality in Italy and abroad. Discover our story.

UNUS S.p.A. if founded.

Unus SpA, founded in Padua in 1950, at first produces bicycle bells and later directs its production towards electro-pneumatic horns.

Unus International S.p.A. was established.

In 1986, the company was named “Unus International SpA” and began the production of DC motors and gearmotors for the automotive industry, especially taking care of the design phase.

The new Company headquarters is inaugurated.

In 1995, the headquarters of Unus International was moved to Pianiga (Venice), where the executive offices and the production plant were developed, which take up an area of about 10,000 square meters, producing more than 2 million units per year.

The Unus Engineering division is created.

In 2007 UNUS International founded Unus Engineering and Services Srl, to provide design and technological consultancy services as an autonomous business model in favour of other companies thanks to the levels of know-how level achieved over the years.

The added value of Unus Engineering and Services lies in the combination of technical expertise with production experience, which leads to tangible economic savings when moving from the design to the production line.

The turning point towards alternative energies.

Since 2011, UNUS INTERNATIONAL has made the “go green” philosophy a concrete commitment: already in that year we produced 152,000KW from photovoltaic sources, thus helping to save 13 tons of oil and avoiding the release of 76 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Production extension.

In 2015, the plant in Pianiga was expanded and modernised, reorganising all the spaces in order to allow a more efficient communication between the various bodies.

Commex Srl is acquired.

In 2019, Unus International acquired the business unit of COMMEX Srl, thus creating COMMEX Motors, an Italian company specialised in the import of micromotors and gearmotors and in the production of linear actuators.

The metrological laboratory for quality verification and the laboratory for the execution of validation tests are strengths of the new company.


Do you have an
automation project that
needs electric motorisation?

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