“….we do not want to be a big Company, we want to be a great Company”

Massimo Melato, General Manager Unus International

Unus International main objective is the creation of a model Company where human resources are the real differentiating factor.
Over the last 25 years Unus investments have mainly been addressed to creating working environment tailored on human needs and to enhancing the value of human resources.
The steering committee design corporate strategies that are shared with operative management through autopoiesis process.
Sharing and motivation are the drivers for managing men and women who will support Unus International for deployment of corporate system centered on the total customer satisfaction.
Moreover Unus International works towards a sustainable development in an ideal work place.
The profound belief in this value has driven our Company to produce 152.000 KW from photovoltaic sources in 2011, thus contributing to saving 13 tons of petrol and avoiding the emission of 76 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.