Research & Development

Over the last 25 years Unus International has invested relevant resources to organize the Technical Department which is currently composed by two Divisions:

  •  Technical Planning Division
  •  Research & Development Division


The Technical Planning Division has the task to analyze customers requests and work out the best planning solutions to meet customers’ requirements and add value to the product, while the goal of the R&D Division is the creation of new leading edge solutions and definition of product technical road map.

The top quality of our products is guaranteed by CAD 3D software (with possibility to modify data with IGES, CATIA-CGR, STEP, STL, DXF, DWG applications) and specific applications dedicated to motors dimensioning, to meshing and wheels profiles together with FMEA, GD&T and DOE techniques besides the production in extremely tight scheduling of working sample prototypes also thanks to the use of 3D printers.

Technical solutions are tested in our laboratory where we carry out:

  • electro mechanic characterization
  • reliability test
  • climatic test
  • resistance to saline fog
  • level of IP protection
  • acoustic measurement/ body analysis

The basis of our corporate philosophy is the continuous improvement of product and process, analyses of market expectations and the non-stop cooperation with our Customers.