Organization and production

The production of Unus International is organized in two departments:

  •  rotors production
  •  assembly (assembly and testing)


The department of rotor production has two fully automatic production lines that guarantee a production of 1.350 rotors per hour.

The department is organized on maximum flexibility within production Quality and Insurance System parameters:

  • the lines can process 8, 10, 12 cave rotors, with 24, 28, 29, 32 e 39 mm diameters;
  • the set up can be modified at extremely short notice thanks to the innovative concept of production organization, thus allowing significant and extremely fast production changes;
  • all the production phases are controlled by automatic control systems, “poka yoke” type also for the most critical ones such as electric controls, the turning manifold parameters and rotors imbalance assessment.

The assembly department is organized on dedicated automatic lines that contemplate controls of electric parameters and electro-mechanic performance on all production areas.

All motor-gear motors are finally tested in soundproof room to check noisiness, following objective (body vibration analysis) and subjective assessment procedures.