Case histories


Automotive Sector
We were asked to find a solution for operating a robotized gearbox drive (motor-clutch, motor-speed selector, motor – fast injection) that had to meet following needs:

  • external dimensions to be reduced as much as possible
  • high performance
  • relevant resistance to collisions
  • relevant resistance to acceleration vibrations up to 100 G
  • in range temperature functioning from – 40°C a + 140°C
  • maximum implementation speed
  • level of impermeability to water and corrosive fluids – IP 69

The solution and its strong points
We have planned a four poles small dimension gear motor with 2Nm pair (l=90mm e Ø=50mm) sealed with silicone seals to guarantee performance and resistance up to 245°C.

The plastic material for brushes holder has been chosen to withstand high temperatures with fusion point at 300°C.
Power cables have been molded together with brush holders and they are part of Formula 1 technology, where insulating material must withstand temperature similar to the above mentioned.
Lots of attention has been put to optimizing the brush holder lay-out, given the presence of several components and of the four 90° engine’s magnets.
Two lids positioned above and below the brush holder have finally guarantee an adequate protection from carbon powder produced by the brushes wearing out.



Automotive Sector
We were asked to find a solution for the operating of the already in use steering columns manufactured by another supplier, which had to be greatly improved by reducing the noisiness (44dB(A) given the application in the luxury category; the gear motor had in fact to be installed in Audi Q7 e A8, VW Touareg and Phaeton, Porsche Cayenne, Bentley Continental GT.

The solution and its strong points
The planning restrictions concerned the maintaining of existing shape (joining points and dimensions) and therefore the planning focused on more directions:

  • optimization of profile of worm shaft of the motor shaft, of the planet gear and of the worm wheel which act directly on the steering columns to guarantee the axial movement;
  • research of plastic materials that guarantee the dimensional stability, mechanic resistance and phono-absorbent, often antithetical requisites;
  • axis alignment, as its slightest displacement (in terms of hundredths of a mm) can cause geometric alteration and uncontrollable noise;
  • study of geometry of the rotor and magnets to reduce the cogging pair to the minimum, with consequent decrease of operation noise;
  • the obtained value of noisiness is inferior to 40dB(A).



Automotive Sector, civil and industrial automations, tooling machines, boating
We were asked to produce a gear motor that could be used independently from output shaft, with large margins for very specific requests.

The solution and its strong points
The solution has been provided by a multipurpose project: a single gear motor that allows either left or right configuration just by adding a reduced gear motor output shaft on the required side.

The reduced shaft can differ in shape, length and coupling profile in the free end and can be used on both sides as required.

This solution guarantees lead time decrease and halving of warehouse cost.


Ø 35mm MOTOR

Automotive Sector
The need was about the planning of a cylindrical Ø 35mm motor that had to be technically ally improved though maintaining the same cost of product produced by different supplier.

The solution and its strong points
We have planned a motor with the planning innovation in the brush holder; The re-engineering has allowed to widen the lodging of EMC filters, of Hall sensors and of thermal protector in an electronic board fully integrated in the motor.
This differentiation represents real innovation since in the current production the components for the suppression of radio disturbances and the Hall sensors are lodged externally.



Automotive Sector
We were asked to design a motor with extremely reduced dimension and extremely silent to equip luxury category cars such as Mercedes Class S, Audi A8, Lexus GS, Bentley Continental GT and other prestigious models.
The application areas concerned the movimentation of luggage compartment canvas, rear and side sun blinds. The quietness was requested since the gear motors had to be positioned under the back seat hat rack, inside the boot or on the inside of the car door in the case of side sun blinds, therefore audible by passengers.

The solution and its strong points
The project has been focused on many aspects:

  • Gearbox without output shaft, which allows the use of same unit both on right and left side of the customer’s adopted system and also allows flexibility during assembly;
  • Endless screw profile and superficial coating, which guarantees a minimum roughness and a defects free surface;
  • Research of plastic non hygroscopic (to avoid dimensional variations) material of worm wheel, featuring constant shrinking after molding;
  • Lowering of reduction group components to limit friction and consequent noise;
  • Study of geometry of bushings, rotors and magnets to obtain couple values and speed suitable to the task the gear motor has to carry out with particular attention to the reduction of electric and mechanic noise;
  • We obtained a gear motor with < 40 dB(A) operating noise.